5 Latest Appliances To Have In Your Kitchen

Technology is changing how we use the kitchen. If you want to redefine your kitchen, all you need is to upgrade to the latest appliances. Implemented technologies help upgrade your kitchen with cutting-edge and useful features. With years of kitchen design experience, we asked the team at SF Kitchen Renovations what their latest must-have appliances. Here are five of the latest appliances you may want to have:

1. Connected Coffee Maker

First on the list brings you your favorite morning beverage. After waking up, you need the energy to give your body a boost. The connected coffee maker allows you to brew coffee through an app on your phone. If you need a cup of coffee, you can use Alexa to turn the smart coffee maker on.

This appliance comes with excellent features like voice command, temperature control, pre-soak time, control and altitude monitoring. You can control all these features through the mobile app that comes with the brand of smart coffee maker you choose to purchase.

The app lets you brew remotely. You even have access to coffee recipes. Hence, you will never get bored with the variety of recipes you can make. Start your day right with a smart connected coffee maker.

2. Convection Steam Ovens

Although steam cooking has been around for years, the use of steam ovens is just now gaining popularity. People nowadays want to prepare food most healthily and quickly as possible.

Steam ovens are visually similar to regular ovens. However, instead of utilizing a heating element, steam ovens use water. The water is heated until it produces steam, which then provides the source of heat to cook the food. Since water is a better heat conductor than air, it can cook food quicker.

A steam oven provides better reheating results than a microwave oven. It provides healthier and more nutritious food. It does not require the use of oil, thus making it a better option for people who want to lessen the calories they consume. Lastly, it saves time on preheating and cooking because water is a better heat conductor.

3. Multicooker with WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

A multicooker is an electric pot that combines a variety of functions such as yoghurt making, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and the like. It is one of the rising trends in must-have kitchen appliances. First of all, it provides you with a healthy way to cook your meals. Simply add the ingredients, fill the cooker with water, and turn it on.

You do not have to buy multiple appliances for your cooking needs. This electric pot provides it all. Also, you can control the appliance with your smartphone. Either connect it through Bluetooth or WiFi and control the settings remotely from your phone.

4. Built-in Vacuum Sealers

The vacuum sealer is one of the must-have appliances in your kitchen. If you want to keep your food fresher for a longer period, consider buying a built-in vacuum sealer that you can install in your appliance space or cabinetry.

In the past, you need to buy expensive tech to seal your food. The latest vacuum sealers are not only affordable, but easy to install in your appliance space. Now you can significantly decrease the degrading and aging process of your food.

5. Perfect Drink Scale

If you are not a professional bartender, you can still prepare your favorite cocktail with the Perfect Drink Scale. This useful kitchen appliance comes with a mobile app and tons of different cocktail ingredients. Enjoy the night away as you experiment with a variety of different drinks with your friends.

Last Words

You do not need to purchase expensive kitchen appliances to redefine your kitchen. Simply consider the recommendations above. These are the latest and fast-growing trends this 2020.

5 Ways To Reward Your Employees

Employers know that their employees perform and thrive better in a work environment that not only promotes their well-being but also recognizes their good work. Rewarded behavior is perceived as desired behavior and employees are more likely to perform better when their productivity is encouraged and recognized. A well-chosen employee rewards program goes a long way to help establish an employer’s work standards and provide a means by which employees gauge their performance.

Here are 5 ways to reward employees for their hard work and motivate them to do even better. Our recommendations are arranged from the most affordable to the more premium types but each is guaranteed to make company employees look forward to the awards they so deserve.

Snack Box
Snack boxes contain a selection of snacks that can range anywhere from chips and cookies to candies and bars. Virtually anything goes. Snacks may be sourced locally or from all around the world. Snack boxes are fun, thoughtful, and tasty treats to present to an employee for a job well done. Snack boxes from Snacks With Bite are great as a reward for one employee or for a group. It can even be made into a monthly reward, which works well for productivity- or results-based work. A snack box is an affordable, customizable, and fun way to tell an employee they are a valued member of your organization.

Time Off
Although time off is a company benefit that all qualified employees earn, extra vacation leave credits go the extra mile. Time off is one of the most popular non-monetary rewards for excellent work performance. Many employees spend majority of their time at work and would appreciate some time off to spend with themselves, their families or friends simply to have fun, rest, take up a hobby, or go on a short trip.

Paid-For Training
Training as a way to reward employees was once an underrated strategy for many companies. Some employees may even view it as a cumbersome activity – something that gets in the way of their job. However, training holds an intangible value that later translates to all-important tangibles. With relevant and timely training, employees become more informed, more knowledgeable, and more skillful at performing their job. Work-related training is also a great way for employees to learn skills that could qualify them for a better position or even a promotion.

Event Tickets
Another great way to reward employees who have shown exceptional performance is a chance to see or participate in an important event. Tickets give the employee access to fun events such as a sports game, movies, concerts, and festivals. If a truly premium experience is preferred, the employer may even choose to provide VIP access to a special event where an employee can enjoy special privileges for a day.

The type of events may even be categorized depending on the type of reward that an employer wishes to give away. An employee who has reached a certain level of productivity, for example, may receive a higher value ticket. With graduated rewards, employees can look forward to a number of options while ensuring that their performance is up to par.

Incentive Travel
This employee reward is admittedly the most expensive in this list but it can be a very effective way to increase motivation and encourage productivity among workers. Incentive travel is not just a reward but also an experience. It can consist of a short trip, one that involves a location within the city or town where the employee works or a longer trip to another city, state, or even country. Many companies reward their most valued employees with paid-for vacations as a way to show appreciation for completing a goal. Vacations are often given away as a sales incentive by many companies to their employees and employers often use it to reward exceptional results.

What Is Remedial Massage? What Are Its Benefits?

Updated – 6th Februaury, 2019:
Remedial massage should be performed by a qualified & licensed professional to ensure you see real benefits.

Remedial massage is not like any other type of massage as it aims at reducing muscle pain. Getting a remedial massage is a perfect way for you to relax and relieve tension from your body. It is used by therapeutic practitioners in the treating and rehabilitation of injured body parts and helps in reduction of the pain and discomfort. Most of the athletes use remedial massage while they are in the rehab for treatment.

1. Reducing muscle tension and pain

When getting a massage, you always aim at reducing your muscle tension and relaxing your body. Remedial massage helps in the reduction of muscle tension. Additionally, adequately done remedial massage aids in the reduction of pain on injured parts. This helps speed up healing, and it reduces the stiffness on the injured part. For this reason, remedial massage is recommended to injured athletes to help them heal faster and get back on their feet. Additionally, applying tension to the injured area not only reduces the pain but also oxygenates the cells and eliminates any toxins.

2. Stress reduction

Most of the people who go to a masseuse are to reduce stress and feel a sense of relaxation and be calm. When getting a remedial massage the pampering and soothing effects releases endorphins which bring in the feel-good factor in your mind. Additionally, adrenaline and cortisol hormones are reduced which are the major causes of stress. Moreover, having a great massage reduces both physical and emotional anxiety.

3. Improve posture

Getting a remedial massage can help improve your general body posture and aid in movements. Especially if you spend most of your days at work sitting or using a computer, you might develop back and neck pains. Having a massage helps to reduce the tension that is around your neck and shoulder areas. This allows you to relax. Additionally, massages help to lengthen your muscles and balance out your body this improves your posture alignment.

4. Improve blood circulation

Applying pressure on the part of the body reduces the tension and allows blood circulation. This is achieved because inflicting pressure in any damaged, stiff and tense muscles enhances blood supply which in turn promotes healing. Squeezing and adding pressure in your body pushes your blood to the swelled and tensed body parts, and the release of the pressure allows new blood to flow to your body. Moreover, the squeezing and twisting of your body parts remove lactic acid and metabolic waste from your body. This removes all the wastes from your body organs and allows your blood to flow freely and reach all the parts of your body. Squeezing is another way to say remedial massage!


Getting a remedial massage is not only for relaxation but also aims at keeping your body healthy and improving your posture. Additionally, remedial massage is used to ensure reduction of pain in joints and fasten healing on any injured parts.