Gift Ideas For A Teenage Daughter

Your teenage daughter is celebrating her birthday soon. Have you gotten her a present yet? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. There’s still plenty of time to buy an awesome gift and we have several ideas to get you started. Consider the items on this list and how your daughter might like them. Check your budget to see what you can and can’t purchase right now. Thanks to online shopping, you can get almost anything delivered before the big day. Let’s get going!

1. Perfume

Perfumes are luxury items that show the recipient just how special they are. Your daughter will probably have a few of these in her vanity so you’ll have an idea about what brands she likes and what scents she gravitates to. Pick something similar from a different line to give her a new option. Your not-so-little girl will be delighted to add a new fragrance to her collection. You might even check out perfume sample sets that may include related products from the same brand such as shower gels and body lotions. They’ll come in commemorative boxes for that special touch.

2. Shoes

Teenagers can’t have enough shoes. They love to go outside to explore new places, meet with their friends, attend various events, play their favorite sports, and so on. Think about your daughter’s lifestyle and pick a pair of shoes that matches it. If she loves to dress up, then she might appreciate a new pair of heels. If she likes to run, then get her a new pair of trainers for her next race. If she prefers more casual streetwear, then find shoes that can fit her outfit.

3. Instant Camera

Does your daughter love taking pictures? Indeed, she should capture as many memories as she can of her youth. Time slips by so fast. It’s nice to have pictures of all her friends and their adventures, as well as her pets, her family, and her hobbies. Make these memories even more special by giving her an instant print camera. There are digital options capable of providing a physical copy of chosen images in one press. The prints have vivid colors and excellent quality despite the pocket-friendly dimensions of the device.

4. Hobby Kit

By now, your daughter is developing a unique personality including beliefs, passions, styles, and dreams. If she is enthusiastic about something, then let her know that you support it. Give her a gift related to her hobby. If she loves to paint, then provide her with new art supplies. If she loves to make music, then present her with a new guitar, drum set, or keyboard. If she likes to cook, then surprise her with new baking tools. You’ll know exactly what to give if you listen to her rave about her passions.

5. Laptop

A lot of classes have been happening online because of the pandemic. This means students need to be more independent than they usually are. They should at least have the equipment necessary to cope with the load. If she doesn’t have one already, then give her a laptop so that they can study at home with ease. This will increase her productivity and allow her to do well in her classes. There are plenty of affordable student laptops in cool colors for young learners.

Gift-giving is all about seeing what a person needs and offering this to make them happy. Any of the items on the list is sure to get a huge smile.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2020 IPL Cricket Tournament

The Indian Premier League [IPL], was to be played between March and May but failed to kick-off due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. The 13th edition is however set to make a return although in UAE because of the increasing pandemic figures in India.
The Board of Control for Cricket in India [BCCI] has put into place measures to conduct the tournament safely, including all World Health Organization [WHO] advisories.
Here is everything you need to know about the tournament.

Where will IPL 2020 take place?
IPL 2020 will be held in the UAE from September 9 to November 10. The matches will be played in the UAE’s three cities i.e. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.

Which teams are participating?
Eight franchises are set to take part i.e. Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Capitals, Rajasthan Royals, and Kings XI Punjab.

How will it played?
All teams will play each other twice at group stages. The top four teams at the end of the league stage will qualify for the playoffs. Then the two top teams will play each other in the first playoff match. The winner will then qualify for the final while the loser gets another chance to reach the summit clash. They will play the winner of the eliminator, played between the third and fourth teams in the points table for a place in the finals.

Will spectators be allowed?
The grounds are intended to hold 50% of the maximum capacity. However, this still awaits approval from the UAE government.

What are the timings for the tournament?
Most matches will begin at 18.00 UAE time. Only 10 contests will have an afternoon start at 14.00

Where to watch the tournament
All games of the IPL 2020 season will be available to stream on participating streaming partners, depending on your country.

5 Latest Appliances To Have In Your Kitchen

Technology is changing how we use the kitchen. If you want to redefine your kitchen, all you need is to upgrade to the latest appliances. Implemented technologies help upgrade your kitchen with cutting-edge and useful features. With years of kitchen design experience, we asked the team at SF Kitchen Renovations what their latest must-have appliances. Here are five of the latest appliances you may want to have:

1. Connected Coffee Maker

First on the list brings you your favorite morning beverage. After waking up, you need the energy to give your body a boost. The connected coffee maker allows you to brew coffee through an app on your phone. If you need a cup of coffee, you can use Alexa to turn the smart coffee maker on.

This appliance comes with excellent features like voice command, temperature control, pre-soak time, control and altitude monitoring. You can control all these features through the mobile app that comes with the brand of smart coffee maker you choose to purchase.

The app lets you brew remotely. You even have access to coffee recipes. Hence, you will never get bored with the variety of recipes you can make. Start your day right with a smart connected coffee maker.

2. Convection Steam Ovens

Although steam cooking has been around for years, the use of steam ovens is just now gaining popularity. People nowadays want to prepare food most healthily and quickly as possible.

Steam ovens are visually similar to regular ovens. However, instead of utilizing a heating element, steam ovens use water. The water is heated until it produces steam, which then provides the source of heat to cook the food. Since water is a better heat conductor than air, it can cook food quicker.

A steam oven provides better reheating results than a microwave oven. It provides healthier and more nutritious food. It does not require the use of oil, thus making it a better option for people who want to lessen the calories they consume. Lastly, it saves time on preheating and cooking because water is a better heat conductor.

3. Multicooker with WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

A multicooker is an electric pot that combines a variety of functions such as yoghurt making, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and the like. It is one of the rising trends in must-have kitchen appliances. First of all, it provides you with a healthy way to cook your meals. Simply add the ingredients, fill the cooker with water, and turn it on.

You do not have to buy multiple appliances for your cooking needs. This electric pot provides it all. Also, you can control the appliance with your smartphone. Either connect it through Bluetooth or WiFi and control the settings remotely from your phone.

4. Built-in Vacuum Sealers

The vacuum sealer is one of the must-have appliances in your kitchen. If you want to keep your food fresher for a longer period, consider buying a built-in vacuum sealer that you can install in your appliance space or cabinetry.

In the past, you need to buy expensive tech to seal your food. The latest vacuum sealers are not only affordable, but easy to install in your appliance space. Now you can significantly decrease the degrading and aging process of your food.

5. Perfect Drink Scale

If you are not a professional bartender, you can still prepare your favorite cocktail with the Perfect Drink Scale. This useful kitchen appliance comes with a mobile app and tons of different cocktail ingredients. Enjoy the night away as you experiment with a variety of different drinks with your friends.

Last Words

You do not need to purchase expensive kitchen appliances to redefine your kitchen. Simply consider the recommendations above. These are the latest and fast-growing trends this 2020.