About Me


Zoë Foster (now Zoë Foster-Blake) was raised by three nuns and a congenial wolf in Nashville, Tennessee. On her third birthday she found her parents (they were next door all along! Imagine that!) and began what would become her life long passion – catching live rattlesnakes with her bare hands and helping her father, Jimmy ‘Mad Dog’ Foster make bespoke cowboy boots for Karl Lagerfeld.

Okay. You’ve got me. I can’t back that up. Everyone knows Karl prefers cobra boots.


Zoë Foster grew up in the Southern Highlands of NSW and while completing her schooling enjoyed wearing green slacks and manning the McDonalds drive through. She studied Media and Communications at UNSW, fell down three sets of steps during 0-week and failed the only subject she genuinely enjoyed (children’s literature) because she felt it was ‘sacrilege’ to ‘brazenly deconstruct’ her favourite childhood texts. This arrogance continues to this day.

Zoë began her magazine career in 2002 at Mania magazine, where she reviewed Xbox games and pretended to care about DragonBall Z, before moving to Smash Hits and interviewing shithouse boy bands on a fortnightly basis.

Next was her role at Cosmopolitan, where she worked as Beauty and Lifestyle Director for three years, a time when she began her (still active) beauty blog, fruitybeauty, and started writing her first novel, Air Kisses. From there it was over to Harper’s BAZAAR to be the Beauty Director, where she learned it was entirely appropriate to spend $800 on a pair of shoes, and that it was also immensely enjoyable.

In 2008 Zoë popped on her lycra unitard and set off for the future, also known as ‘online,’ where she helped develop primped.com.au, a web 2.0 Beauty website she edited until late 2011. In 2009 she became the dating columnist at Cosmopolitan (still is to this day) and in 2011, she undertook a year as contributing editor at Mamamia.com.au.

At the start of 2013 she took on the role of back page rascal at News Limited’s Sunday Stylemagazine, with her Dear Everything page. Amazingly, despite writing utter nonsense each week, they continue to employ her.

Zoë published her first novel, Air Kisses, in 2008. Her follow up was released in 2009, a dating and relationship guide called Textbook Romance, which she co-wrote with Hamish Blake. Her third book, released in 2010 was a novel titled Playing The Field, and her fourth, a collaboration of all the beauty tips and tricks she learned in her many years as a beauty editor, was released in June 2011. It is called Amazing Face, and to Zoë’s delight, has proven to be terrifically popular with dames of all ages. An App to complement the book was released in April 2013. Her fifth book, a saucy novel titled The Younger Man was released February 2012, while her sixth, The Wrong Girl will be released February 2014.

Her seventh book, a detailed exploration of Crumpets Vs Muffins, is due for publication early 2015.