Promotional Lanyards Or Printed Lanyards For Business Gifts

It’s common for businesses to offer promotional gifts to their clients. More and more businesses require their employees to display photo identification cards at all times, so many companies buy lanyards, which are strips of fabric fashioned in a loop that fits over the head. The lanyard attaches to the photo ID cards, and there is usually a clip for attaching keys or wallets that hold IDs and related paperwork. Companies can get a lot of promotional mileage by using promotional lanyards as gifts.

Lanyards can be used to hold keys, badges and ID cards without needing to attach anything to clothing. Popular at trade shows, conferences and business gatherings, they’re popular tools used by academics, healthcare workers and professional representatives of many industries.

What Are Lanyards Specifically?

Lanyards consist of a cord or strap that’s sewed to create a loop designed to fit comfortably over the head. They often feature promotional messages like company names, logos or relevant slogans. The lanyard also has clip or hook attachments depending on what is to be attached. You’ll often see lanyards sporting very visible ID cards on doctors, staff members, trade show representatives, etc. Many people also attach keys to their lanyards for unlocking cases in department stores and providing access to special offices, equipment, restrooms, etc.

Types of Lanyards

The types of lanyards include the following specialties:

Full-color Lanyards

These lanyards feature full-color photos and graphics for personalizing a company’s message, like enjoying a pizza, driving a bumper car or watching a sports match.

Lanyards with Safety Breakways

These lanyards have breakaway hooks and clips for easier daily use for things like providing the key to a restroom.

ID Tags

Some lanyards are specifically designed for holding IDs of maintenance workers, custodial staff, manufacturing workers and coaching staff.

Night Security Lanyards

Night security teams use lanyards with reflective pouches to hold IDs, keys to gates, etc.

Team Identification Lanyards

Custom lanyards can be designed to identify team members with school colors, trade show participants, hotel guests and any group of people.

Lightweight Lanyards with Split Key Rings

These lanyards are perfect for conferences, trade shows, guides and others who are charged with the responsibility of locking and unlocking doors.

Neon Layards

Neon lanyards provide greater visibility of staff members in crowded environments like festivals, outdoor events, sporting

How Lanyards Are Typically Used

The uses for lanyards increase constantly because of heightened security concerns, and your company can supply these inexpensive gifts as staff badges and employee ID holders for your favorite B2B customers. Companies and organizations that use lanyards include:

  • College students and staff members
  • Corporate officers and administrative staff
  • Concert and other event staff members
  • Government employees such as healthcare staff, social service counselors, etc.
  • Gym and health club members
  • Staff members in charge of medical supply distribution, such as nurses, custodians, supply managers and doctors
  • Resort and hotel staff that include concierges, housekeeping workers, front desk staff and maintenance workers
  • Hotel and resort staff including front desk staff, concierge, housekeeping and maintenance teams
  • Reporters who can display their press passes conspicuously
  • Teachers and school administrators who often need to carry at least two keys

The Benefits of Using Promotional Lanyards as Gifts

Your business customers can use promotional lanyards as customer giveaways for publicity or for employee identification. Brands and logos can be printed on them as souvenirs of a conference, hotel stay or other event participation. Companies can promote their products, services and social position on important issues that affect a city, state or region. As the gifter, you can also promote your own company and its products by providing custom lanyards where they’ll be worn visibly.

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