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Healthy gift ideas make superior gifts for anyone because they show that you try to provide a healthy gift that will be appreciated. Health-minded people always appreciate healthy gifts instead of fattening foods, snacks and over-the-top creations. Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health particularly recommends this practice as a welcome respite from unhealthy foods that just might convince people to eat healthier diets.

A range of healthy gift ideas might include some of the following suggestions:

• Fresh Fruit Gift Basket
These make marvellous gifts because they bridge the gap between traditional holiday fare and healthy gifts. Fresh fruit is always appreciated, and you can choose from pre-made baskets or DIY baskets with your own favorite types of fruit.

• Olive Oil and Good-quality Vinegar
Vinegar and oil makes a healthy gift for dressing salads. Choose a high-quality balsamic vinegar and quality brand of olive oil to receive rave reviews for your thoughtful gift. You can add another type of specialty oil for an even more impressive gift — such as roasted pumpkin seed oil or walnut oil.

• Fig Trees
Fig trees make spectacular gifts, and the figs are healthy fare that the gift recipient will quickly come to appreciate.

• Vegan or Vegetarians Dishes
You can prepare healthy and flavourful vegetarian or vegan dishes as a holiday gift or special addition to a family’s holiday meal. Meat-free vegetables can really sing when prepared lightly with the freshest ingredients and seasoned with fresh herbs.

• Pedometer
A simple pedometer will usually inspire a gift recipient to track their steps — especially during the holidays when many people worry about gaining weight. Today, many phones have built-in pedometer apps, but having a dedicated device encourages greater use. It also prevents you from getting distracted by phone calls and internet browsing when you’ve set time aside for exercise.

• Herb Seed Kit
Giving a gift of herb seeds works equally well for adults and children. Children appreciate the chance to grow something independently, and adults will appreciate having a garden of herbs to season their food freshly with natural herbs, which is the height of great cuisine.

• Water Bottle
Many health enthusiasts carry a bottle of water with them everywhere, but an extra bottle is appreciated. A water bottle might just convince your friends to reduce their consumption of sweet sodas, ice teas and heavily reamed and sugared coffee.

• Various Nut Selections
Whether you buy them in or out of the shell, nuts provide health benefits to the heart and superior nutrition when compared to salty processed snacks. Consider making your own mix of nuts, incorporating your personal favorites of nuts that you know the recipient enjoys.

• Homemade Roasted Black-eyed Peas or Chickpeas
Instead of the ever-present holiday sweets, consider making your own dried mix of roasted chickpeas or black-eyed peas. You can choose a colourful container for the roasted peas and even design your own label to spread the idea of healthy gifting. Most people will munch on any snack that’s available, so choosing a healthy alternative makes a sound strategy.

• Salad Spinner
This simple device not only encourages people to eat more salads but also convinces them to wash their salad ingredients carefully. Unfortunately, many people don’t wash their salad greens because of the excess water left behind. Salad spinners solve this problem, but make sure to get a quality spinner that works as advertised.

• A Healthy Gourmet Dinner
One of the most thoughtful gifts could be a demonstration of your own healthy cooking skills. People will appreciate a home-cooked meal, and if you carefully choose healthy but flavourful options, your dinner will be a resounding success. Stir-fries work well when you choose exotic vegetables like colourful peppers, fresh zucchini and healthy tomatoes. Use meat sparingly, but make sure that it’s tender and cooked to perfection. That might require a marinade to break down connective tissue or brining the meat to make it exceptionally tender and juicy.

Make a holiday theme of healthy gifting, and you might inspire others to do the same. Healthy gifts are thoughtful, appreciated and welcomed by most people — even diehard snackers.

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