Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

In the digital age, the vast majority of people use digital devices on a daily basis. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. We spend hours staring on the screens of these computers not knowing that digital devices produce harmful light. When exposed to the blue light produced by digital devices over an extended period of time, your eyes may start developing issues that may also affect your brain. Fortunately, Blue Optical has a solution. The company deals in special eyewear that can protect your eyes from these harmful rays. With these special glasses, which are also stylish and comfortable, you can use your computer at work or at home and browse on your phone without worrying about damaging your eyes.

Are These Glasses Worth It?

The simple answer is yes. When exposed to blue light from the displays of digital devices over a prolonged period, you may start developing the following issues.

  • Blurred vision
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Headache
  • Eye irritation
  • Eye strain
  • Dry eyes

The constant headaches, dry eyes and eye irritation combined with sleep deprivation can have a big impact on your life as you may not be able to function optimally without getting restful sleep every night. You will also feel uncomfortable when seated at your workstation trying to focus on the computer screen.

How to Avoid These Problems

i) Take Short Breaks Every Hour

The easiest way of avoiding these issues is to take short breaks regularly. This can be hourly. During the breaks, get up from your workstation and walk around the office. You can go to the washrooms or go say hi to a colleague. These short breaks will take your eyes off your computer, thereby minimizing the adverse effects of blue light on your eyes.

ii) Push Back Your Computer Monitor

If you normally spend hours daily seated in front of your computer, consider pushing the monitor back. There should be a reasonable distance between the computer monitor and your eyes to minimize the effect of blue light.

iii) Wear Blue Light Glasses

Since you cannot avoid working with computers, it is recommended you purchase suitable protective glasses and wear them whenever you’re in front of a computer screen. These glasses are available at a reasonable price. Before making purchase, be sure to confirm that the glasses are designed specifically to protect the user against the harmful effects of blue light.

Buying Blue Light Optical

While there are prescription blue light optical glasses, most of them are not prescription glasses. This means that you just need to select a suitable frame and pay for the glasses. If you already use prescription glasses, however, you’ll need to purchase prescription blue light optical glasses. If ordering online, you’ll need to upload your prescription. Next, select the preferred frame design and checkout your order. The supplier will deliver your order in just a few days. Your new glasses will serve the original purpose of correcting the vision problem you have as well as block out blue light from entering your eyes. That said, it may still be a good idea to consult your eye doctor before you get these glasses to ensure you have peace of mind when buying them.

Since digital screens cannot be avoided, consumers should learn how to live with these devices. For instance, taking a smartphone to bed is not a good idea because looking at the bright screen in bed can harm your eyes. It can also disrupt your sleep. As a result, you may sleep for 10 hours, but fail to enjoy the benefits. After all, you will exhibit symptoms of sleep deprivation, such as headaches and eye irritation.

Ideally, phones should be kept away from bed. On the other hand, computer screens, whether desktop or laptops, should be adjusted to a suitable angle. Instead of having the screen face you directly, be sure to tilt it slightly. This will give you a better view of the screen as well as direct blue light away from your eyes. These measures, together with regular breaks at work and use of blue light glasses will help to keep your eyes safe at all times. Be sure to order these glasses as soon as possible to protect your eyes.

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