Put The Sparkle Back Into Christmas Hamper Shopping

Christmas is the season of joy and gift-giving. It is a time to celebrate family and friendship. Christmas should begin in the heart; he who doesn’t have Christmas in his heart should not expect to find it under a tree.

To put the sparkle back into Christmas hamper shopping, search for thoughtful, unique, meaningful, useful, and surprising gifts. Do it differently this year. Send something you have never sent before. The best Christmas in July gift will put a smile on someone’s face.

Make Your Hamper Thoughtful & Unique

To find thoughtful and unique gifts, Christmas hamper shopping will require a lot of time and research. The recipient should detect that you listened to their needs and thought hard about your choices.

A unique gift will make someone feel loved and valued. It will show them that they mean a lot in your life. Shop for hard-to-find things such as new products and antiques. A unique gift is something that the recipient cannot find easily.

Don’t Buy the Same Thing You Did Last Year

Most people are guilty of this. Once they see a gift was well received, they can be tempted to buy it again. A repeated gift will be unexciting. It can make you look lazy and complacent. This Christmas season, make the effort to mix up old ideas or come up with new ideas.

The Element of Surprise

If the element of surprise is lacking, there will be little excitement. The best Christmas hampers will surprise recipients. The timing, nature, and size should be surprising.

What Makes a Meaningful Christmas Hamper?

A meaningful Christmas hamper will be cherished by the recipient, not just in the moment but for many years to come. It will be a permanent reminder of love and gratitude. A gift with meaning is more than a thing.

Don’t Shop at the Last Minute for Your Christmas Hamper

Shopping at the last minute can lead to panic and anxiety which can result in the wrong choice. You will be forced to buy only what is available. There is no excuse to buy a last-minute gift. Save yourself the embarrassment and hassle by shopping 3-6 weeks beforehand to ensure the gift arrives on time.

Pay Close Attention During Christmas Hamper Shopping

Paying close attention will get you good gifts. You should pay attention to things that they like, are interested in, or items that they want to replace but haven’t done so.

What to Avoid with Christmas Hamper Shopping?

Avoid Cliché Gifts

Cliché gifts include chocolate, jewelry, flowers, perfume, lingerie, and a romantic dinner. These gifts come across as unoriginal and it is best to avoid them if you want to impress the recipient. You should only opt for them if there can be personalized variations. If your wife likes flowers, you can ask the florist to create a custom bouquet for you.

Avoid Delegating

Don’t let someone else like your assistant do the shopping for you. Pay attention, shop for yourself, and find your own ideas.

Avoid Underhanded Gifts

Underhanded gifts are gifts intended to send a message, whether intentionally or not. These gifts can seriously damage your relationship. If you gift someone who is overweight with a gym membership it can be interpreted to mean that they should lose weight. Sending anti-aging products to someone can suggest that they look old.

You Don’t Have to Overspend

Even though you want to put the sparkle back into Christmas hamper shopping, you don’t have to overspend. Spending too much or too less than the social norm can make the recipient question your intentions. If you have a tight budget, you should spend only what you can afford.

What About Personally Curated Gifts?

You don’t need to purchase all gifts; some can be personally curated such as a favorite meal ready to be warmed or a hand-knitted sweater.

Wrap Your Christmas Hamper Properly

A sloppy wrapping will offset the thoughtfulness that went into creating the hamper. You should purchase the appropriate wrapping for your gifts.

Your hamper should have lots of lovely filler. These are used to fill the spaces between gifts and they make the hamper more presentable.

Consider Buying Local

This will limit your postage costs and reduce the risk of your gift going missing. Shop from stores closer to the address of the recipient.

The Bottom-Line

Christmas hampers are a great way of spreading pure joy and celebrating the Christmas spirit. A unique and thoughtfully selected hamper will bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

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