Winning Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Mother-in-Law

Mother’s Day is the best excuse to spoil your mother-in-law, but you may be feeling a little bit hesitant. When shopping for gifts, it is not uncommon to feel a bit overwhelmed with the myriad of choices. The right gift is your way to express how much your mother-in-law means to you. To find the best Mother’s Day gifts, Express4Fruits recommends giving a gift that will mean something to your recipient, something she can actually use or consume. Consider her favorite stuff, such as food, games, movies, and music. She might also have specific hobbies and interests such as knitting, painting, gardening, or sports that you can use as reference. To get you going, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that Express4Fruits recommends:

Home Spa Kit

Spoil your mom-in-law with a home spa gift set. The contents of spa kits vary widely, depending on the brand, type, and set. Most sets, however, contain soaps, bath salts, body/facial lotion, scrubs, and balms. They are usually centered on one theme, such as a specific scent or mood. Spa gift sets make a thoughtful gift and will be especially appreciated by busy moms-in-law who need time for relaxation and self-care.

A Journal

If your mom-in-law keeps a journal, why not give her a new one? There are literally thousands of journals available in different sizes, colors, designs, and types. There are daily journals, motivation journals, even mini one-line-a-day journals that are perfect for busy moms who prefer to write brief, concise notes.

A Cookbook

A mom-in-law who keeps a repertoire of the most wanted dishes should have a cookbook of her own to keep her recipes. Why not gift her with a family cookbook that will let her write down her favorite recipes, make notes, and write comments about secret ingredients? DIY family cookbooks are also wonderful keepsakes since they can be borrowed and even handed down to you or your children.

Cookies/Bars Gift Box

Does your mom-in-law hide a sweet tooth? No need to be ashamed because there are millions like her who love munching on sugary treats. Get her one of those lovely cookie or bar gift boxes that contain bestselling pastries. Many pastry and bake shops offer a selection of their most popular products and some shops even allow you to order fresh to-go, depending on your location.

Baking Tools

A mother-in-law who can whip up the perfect pecan pie deserves the best baking tools you can find. There are tool sets you can purchase but you can always choose individual tools, such as baking pans, rolling pins, egg beaters, cookie cutters, and even cookie/cake decorating sets.

A Basket of Fruits

Does your mom-in-law love fresh fruits? Buy seasonal or go for all-time favorites. You can create your own but you can always order from shops that offer special fruit baskets for Mother’s Day. You could even customize your fruit choices if you prefer.

A Plant Kit

Whether your mother-in-law is a beginner gardener or a seasoned green thumb, she will love a gift that she can plant and care for. Plant kits vary in size and type and there is a wide range of options to choose from. Consider cacti, succulents, flower seeds, and bulbs or go all out and get her a potted plant.

Heated Pillow

Your mom-in-law will likely not need a heated pillow until fall but it still makes a lovely gift for Mother’s Day. Heated pillows can be microwaved before use and many products of this type even come stuffed with herbs and flowers, including rose, cinnamon, and lavender. A heated pillow will keep her warm, whether she’s taking a nap or having a good night’s sleep.

Digital Picture Frame

If mom likes to take and show off pictures, a digital picture frame is the perfect solution. Digital photo frames allow you to keep many images in one place without having to use bulky photo albums. They are lovely, practical gifts, and a great way for your mom-in-law to show off family photos.

Photo Printer

Another gift option for photo-loving moms-in-law is an instant photo printer. This type of printer can connect wirelessly to a compatible phone or computer. Once a photo is taken, the image file may be sent to the printer via Bluetooth and the printer will print out a copy – instantly.


Why not splurge on mom this Mother’s Day with a customized piece of jewelry she will always love? A personalized bracelet or a necklace will help her sparkle and shine on her special day. If you want to spoil her a bit, you could even design a piece and have a jeweler make it especially for her. That way, she will be wearing one-of-a-kind jewelry that no one else in the world has.

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