Triumph Speed Triple Review

Things to Consider When Buying a Triumph Motorbike

Tips for buying a motorbike can easily be found throughout the World Wide Web, but do they really answer the questions that need addressing? When purchasing a motorcycle, the last thing that you’ll want to do is be led on by misleading reviews – after all you will undoubtedly be investing quite a substantial amount of cash into your new vehicle and you should expect it to be as functional as it is enjoyable.

If you are in the process of buying a bike, or if you’re planning on doing so soon, take a look at these important considerations before going ahead.

What will the bike be used for?

Although similar in appearance, the intricate components of a motorcycle will dictate what they are best used for when on the road. If you’re planning on making short journeys from one side of town to the other, then it won’t make any sense to buy a motorcycle with a huge engine that’s capable of chewing through tarmac. Alternatively, if you intend to travel Australia from the Gold Coast to Perth, it makes even less sense to opt for a low powered bike that could leave you trailing behind on a motorway.

What is your budget?

With entry level models still costing several thousand dollars, not to mention high-end equivalents that can set buyers back by tens’ of thousands – it’s a good idea to define a budget before looking at any more bike models. Most showrooms and dealerships can drop their prices slightly, especially if it means obtaining your business; but keep your finances in mind. If you can’t afford a particular bike that you like the look of, then why not save up a little longer and revisit your intentions in a couple of months?

Be aware of the safety practices

This is a no-brainer for most riders, but there’s no harm in brushing up on your skills before making a purchase; especially if you’re planning on switching car for cycle. If you haven’t ridden before, or if you’ve just obtained your license, you might find that your training motorbike boasts a fraction of the engine power of showroom models. This extra power can take a while to learn how to control, so get to know your potential bike first, before taking it for a spin.